Sunday, January 13, 2008

Earth Boxes

An interesting link for container gardeners: Earth Box

I have wanted to try these for quite some time but never got around to it. The concept is very interesting but the cost was a bit high for my budget at the time when most of my veggies lived in containers. If anyone decides to try these I would love a product review from you. These are still something that I am considering because my DH REALLY wants me to grow corn but I would have serious space and soil issues if I planted it traditionally.


Anonymous said...

Try a Garden Patch Grow Box - it's as productive, but a lot easier and a much better price. I've used them both and you can't beat either of their results in the ground or in other containers.

a soldier's wife said...

Would this be something good for a beginner like me??

KitKat said...

Hi soldiers wife!! Sorry that it took me so long to answer you. But yes, I'm not sure what your garden budget is but these containers specially designed to increase yield are perfect for beginners. If you follow the insructions and choose varieties that are well suited to containers, you should have excellent first year results.

a soldier's wife said...

Thanks so much Kitkat! I don't really have a garden budget since this is my first time, so I guess I'll just buget these in :) I guess I should get on the roll and make some decisions. It'll be that time before long :)
Thanks again!