Monday, December 22, 2008

Your typical update post

You know that it has been too long since your last blog entry when you have to pull out the trusty "Update Post". So, where do I begin? Well, Baby Boy is up to 9 lbs 8 oz and is off of his Enfacare formula and on regular Enfamil. Yes, I said formula. Sigh. My blood pressure was too high and I had to remain on medication (still am), so all that I could do was "pump and dump". It was just too much for me - it seemed like all that I was doing was pumping and feeding him. I needed to sleep and take care of the rest of my family and myself. I gave in and just went all formula. Am I disappointed? Yes. Do I regret it? No. Sometimes the choices that we have to make aren't always easy. Life goes on, and the boy is doing well in spite of my tough call. It's just better for us all this way.

It seems that our precious little baby boy has been blessed with three mothers. My girls just adore and love to help take care of him. Um, except during diaper changes. They just let mom handle those. I am so proud of them for how they have handled everything that has happened these last few months. I am truly blessed.

Baby boy is doing incredibly well despite being only 32 weeks at birth. He passed his developmental screenings with flying colors and we don't have to go back again until he is 6 months old. He has to have monthly Synagis shots to prevent complications from the RSV virus until March or April, and they are monitoring his right eye because he has a blood clot that may or may not dissolve on its own. But even the blood clot is a little thing compared to the complications that we could have faced. God is good.

I can't seem to start saying "No" to things at my kid's school. My secret hope is that they will stop asking me for help once I start horribly messing things up because I am too busy and sleep deprived to be able to do a good job. Hey, a girl can dream......

And just in case anyone thinks that I forgot - Now is the time to order your seeds!! Yes, I plan to continue to garden. I even have plans to expand the garden this spring. This is the year that my older girls will have to learn how to do more in the garden. They WANT to learn and they love to help. I'd be crazy to not take advantage of it. It will teach them a skill that they can have for life - just like my Dad did for me. They will feel like they are contributing to the family. And they will get to spend time with their Mom. What more could they ask for? If you would like to order seeds I highly recommend Vesey's. I'll have to give you more info about what I am ordering on a later post. It seems that naptime is over for Baby boy and feeding time has begun.

In case I don't get back here before Christmas, I hope that everyone reading this has a Merry and Blessed Christmas!!!!


Tracy said...

Don't feel bad about the formula choice.. I never could breastfeed any of my kids, I HAD to go back onto anti depressants the moment I gave birth (life time depression/anxiety sufferer) it was more important that my babies & kids had a happy/healthy mom and that is what your doing!! I'm so happy your little boy is growing in leaps and bounds and that your daughters are such wonderful helpers.. what a blessing for you!!
Merry Christmas to you and yours:)

Anonymous said...

Yay for baby boy...yay for you and the rest of the family too.

I know you're private, but I'd kill to see what baby boy looks like. You talk about him and I picture a perfect little cherub...I can't be too far off.

Elena said...

Hope you had a nice holiday Kitkat - I have a little surprise for you on my blog!

Congrats on the new little guy!