Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sorry that I have been a bit absent lately. Yes, my sweet baby, beautiful girlies, and wonderful hubby have been keeping me busy, it's true. But I also haven't been feeling well for a long time. Like since I had Toren last October. My protein count is still in the 400's from my pre-eclampsia and it won't come down. My white blood cell count is through the roof and they just don't know why. My thyroid meds are off. I just feel like junk. I don't like to complain so please forgive for even mentioning this. The doctors are working to try to figure out what is going on so that I can start to get better. I am confident that this is just a bump in the road, but I just wanted to let everyone know why I haven't been around too much.

On a happier note, if anyone would help a poor technologically challenged, sleep deprived mom out and let me know how to post a picture from my camera phone I will gladly post a picture of my kiddos. You can't see me cuz I just look like heck right now. Maybe later. But my digital camera seems to be MIA right now so I have to use my cell phone. Thanks!! You can laugh at me now.

Have a great day!!!


Tracy said...

oh kitkat, I'm so sorry that you are going through this.. you are for sure going on my prayer list.. keep us posted!!

a soldiers wife said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this. I hope that the doctors figure it out soon, and you get better. I'll have you in my prayers!

posting the pictures from your cell phone. What carrier do you have? We have T-Mobile, so when I take a picture, I can just automatically send it to my T-Mobile album. When I log into my account, I just click album and I can save the picture to my computer, link it to photobucket, etc.
Hope this helps! because I'd love to see a picture of your little one!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles and hope for quick answers for you.

I have never posted pictures from my phone so I'm no help there. But, I hope someone knows...I'd love to see your kiddos.

Anonymous said...

Prayers coming your way...

you can set up your flickr account to receive photos from your cell phone. I haven't done it, but somebody I love has.

Anonymous said...

Hi again...thanks for your comments on my rambling blogs.

And, of course you can blog roll me. I'm not all that exciting, but you're welcome to go for it.