Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I also have a garter snake, which I just found out about the hard way. I don't like snakes much, but he's good for the garden so I guess he stays. I'm having a rough morning in the garden.


Anonymous said...

If it helps - A farmer told me that one garter snake, in one year will save a farmer $50 in pesticides. My grandpa always went out of his way to have a black snake in the barn - we didn't have as many rats and mice.

kitkat said...

Thanks Ellen! :) It does make me feel better. My Dad always loved to have snakes in his garden because they are so effective at keeping pests under control. (He was organic before it was popular. In reality, he just liked to be able to walk out to the garden with a salt shaker, pull off a tom, wipe it off, and eat it without worrying about eating bug spray.) My little friend was still out there this morning sunning himself under the carrot tops. I just had to remind myself that he is better than the pesticides that I abhor. It's August and I am STILL 100% pesticde and non-organic fertilizer free. I'm sure that my snake is part of the reason for that. But it's still a snake......... :)