Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I have found that nothing attracts slugs to my garden quite like my delicious everbearing strawberries as soon as they begin to ripen. Now it's time to go open "KitKat's Bar" in the strawberry patch so that I still have some hope of having a great harvest. It has truly been a slug's delight here lately: stiffling humidity, lots of rain and soaking wet soil, and strawberries that are just starting to ripen. Now I just need to give those slugs some beer in little cups that I sink into the soil so that they have something else to think about besides those lovely strawberries. They love the beer so much that they just drown themselves in it. I guess I should be sad that they fall into the cup and die, but it's really hard to mourn something that will take a bite out of every single strawberry in the patch. That's my job....... :)


Anonymous said...

We use egg shells around our pepper & tomato plants for our slug probs. I wonder if using egg shells for strawberry plants would work as well?

kitkat said...

Cool - I didn't think of that. I use them by my tomato plants. I'll try them by the strawberries, too. Thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

No problem Kitkat! Let me know how it works for you.