Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What a Day!

Well, our Roasary Garden has been blessed now and I have a rather exciting story to tell. I will try to keep it brief as I have very little time to blog and also because my head is still spinning. During his homily, the Bishop spoke of the Crucifix that he was wearing. It was given to him personally by (are you ready for this?) Pope John Paul II when the Bishop met him in Krakau, Poland in 2003. The Bishop mentioned that this crucifx would probably be considered a class III relic when Pope John Paul II becomes canonized. I had the honor and privilege of meeting the Bishop after he had finished the blessing of our Rosary Garden and I was actually allowed to hold the Crucifix. It was incredible. I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of what holding a small piece of history in your hand is like. I cannot describe what is was like to touch something that was probably in the hands of a man who's gentle spirit and wisdom made me want to be a Catholic. My head is still spinning right now, so perhaps I will try to blog about it more when I have better clarity of thought. I am just too humbled and blown away right now to even think.

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a soldier's wife said...

What an amazing memory you'll have of this day :)