Friday, October 05, 2007

An Emergency Question

As some of my readers many know, I have been working on the Walking Rosary and the Rosary Garden at our parish. Our hard work is almost (but not quite) over and we are preparing to have a wonderful Mass on Tuesday to dedicate and bless our new garden. Here is where my question comes in: the Mass is to be presided over by the Bishop. My oldest daughter, who is a member of the Rosary Club, has been chosen to do the first reading and play a major part in the blessing ceremony. Since my family has been heavily involved in this project, I am going to assume (to be safe) that I may possibly meet the Bishop. This thought strikes fear into my heart because I have no idea how to conduct myself. If memory serves me, I believe one should address a Bishop as "Your Excellency" in a formal social situation. Does anyone else know if this is correct? Does anyone have any other tips for me so that I do not look like a socially inept buffoon? I am really worried about this and I will take any tips that anyone can offer. Thanks so much for your help! :)

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Unashamed said...

That is so neat that you will be meeting your Bishop.

I did a quick google and according to Catholic Answers, it's acceptable to address the Bishop "Your Excellency" or "Bishop ____________" (his name).

Congratulations on finishing (almost) the gardens!