Thursday, April 24, 2008

I know better than this......

but I am going to do it anyway. I have been shying away from posting rebuttals to anti-Catholicism on my blog, but I am going to go ahead and post my comment to the poorly researched article that Candy at Keeping the Home has posted because I am pretty sure that my comment will not make the cut. Please forgive me. Just out of curiosity, has anyone else submitted a comment to this "Anti-Christianity?" article that has not been published? I am waiting to see if she posts mine, but I doubt it. If you have left a comment over there that has not been posted, feel free to post it here in my comment section. It will be fun to see how many comments are actually left that never get posted on her blog (***WARNING*** if you are commenting against Catholicism, MEAN, NASTY, OR FALSE COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED. Play nice and don't attack me or other commentors personally. No "Jack Chick" or "Jesus is Lord" allowed. Statements must be back up with real facts, not made up ones.)

Well, here goes:

"Shannon said in an earlier comment that she has a theory. She thinks that we Catholics (paraphrasing here) know in our hearts that the Catholic Church is wrong and so we lash out as a cry for help. I have never read any hateful comments or snarkiness in comments that Catholics have left here. I do read comments from Catholics who know their faith, love it, and are upset that it has been misrepresented by this blog over and over and over again. It is difficult to read lies and not want to correct them. Although I cannot speak for all Catholics who read this blog and comment, I know that that is why *I* submit comments. I want to defend my faith from the lies that are spread here on this website. (I also want to address Rebecca's statement about the Lutheran Church and infant baptism, but that would make this comment way too long. But I grew up in the Lutheran Church and I hate to see it misrepresented as well.) Please stop for just a moment and think about that and ask yourself how YOU would feel if I said that any of you are not really Christians, etc. You would want the opportunity to explain what your faith is really about too, wouldn't you?

I do have to echo the kind thoughts of Susan in her comment above. Thank you for your concern for my soul, but I know the truth and that is why I too will continue to be Roman Catholic.

Have a blessed day!"


Anonymous said...

Uh...there are places where I believe Roman Catholic doctrine is in error.

However, I attempted (key word: attempted) to post a comment to Candy's blog saying that if she is going to refute the doctrine, she needs to at least refute the doctrine and not carry on with the stupidity that she normally posts about it (that is not the wording that I used).

KitKat said...

Hi Ellen!! Personally, I have no problem with your belief. I'm "that crazy person" who practices what I believe and understands that there will be differences of opinion in Christianity from now until the end of the ages. Perhaps I am a bit echumenical (hope I'm reaching for the right word here) because I believe that we are not all going to agree but we can all work together with love and respect.

Perhaps I need to temper my emotions about the laughable resurces that she uses and watch my wording in my comments to her. I have no desire to convert her. Her religion is her business and I respect that. I just wish that she would quit posting the cr@p that has no business being used in an intelligent discussion. I totally agree with what you are saying about sticking to the facts and not using the hyperbole that she continues to post as absolute truth. If she would just do that in an intelligent and truthful manner, I wouldn't make a fuss.

Anyway, thanks for your attempt to ask her to stick with the facts. :)

a soldier's wife said...

(((hugs))) Kitkat!