Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh how I wish that I was this eloquent!

Some times the right words escape me. I just can't seem to write what I mean to say, especially when it come to calmly and graciously making a point when someone is misrepresenting the Catholic faith. This commenter on the Keeping the Home blog said in so many fewer words what I tried so very hard to do in my rambling comment that I posted a few days ago. (I'd give you a link to the exact post on that blog, but the blogger does not allow access to her archives.)

Anyway, I really wish that I was able to write like this:

Hi Candy!

I've started perusing your blog recently; I really like the post about CHOOSING not to have a bad attitude on "those days". That was great.

I just wanted to say, in regards to your post about Mary, a really good book to explain the Catholic position on Mary is called "Hail, Holy Queen", by Scott Hahn. It is a quick easy read; if you are into apologetics, it is always good to understand where the other side is coming from, right? I think you'll like it, and gain a new perspective on those of us who are your brothers and sisters in Christ and practice Catholicism.

Thanks for the blog,
Shannon in Dallas


Erika S. said...

I too thought that that was a good comment. I think Candy has a lot to offer if she would just drop her attitude and lies about the Catholic Faith.

Kelly said...

I actually thought Candy had misread the comment, and thought the commenter was suggesting a book which tells the TRUTH about the Mary goddess which Catholics worship. ;)

KitKat said...

I was wondering if she had misread that comment too. :)