Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm so behind!

Wow! What can I say. I am a bad,bad blogger. School has moved into high gear and our Hot Lunch program has started back up so it's back to work for the KitKat. Somewhere during the last week or so I think that I completely lost myself. Between school, work, a downstairs bathroom remodel, and our upcoming Family Fest fundraiser for the school (Of which I am the head of advertising. Silly me!) I have been a bit busy.

But the good news is that we now have 2 complete bathrooms, so my husband finally has his own shower after 10 years of waiting. And construction is over, so I finally have my house back after what seemed like endless weeks of having someone over working on the bathroom. Now I should be able to get us back to normal fairly quickly. All of the hassle was worth it, but it is just so nice not to have to worry about the ruckus anymore.

I am behind on some blog things. Some nice readers have left some nice thing for me over on their blogs, so I need to try to catch those up. Thanks so much for thinking of me. You guys always make me smile. :)

I'm off to start post construction clean up and go to a Family Fest committee meeting tonight. Yay! Our Family Fest is on September 13 & 14th, so this part is almost over and I won't have to worry about it anymore.

Have a great night!!!


Unashamed said...

I see you are at 90 days to go now!!!!

KitKat said...

Yep! I am so excited. It seems like it's so far away and yet so close (hence my need to get everything in my life in order I guess).

a soldiers wife said...

We are knee deep in fundraisers for both schools right now, and I'm a Wednesday cafeteria Mom at my son's school and then sports for the both, so it's been pretty hectic here...Of course I didn't have a bathroom remodel,heading up a fundraiser, and a baby a few months away :)so you definitely have my admiration

Tracy said...

Glad to hear things are going good for you.. your ticking along on that baby due date.. how exciting:)