Friday, September 28, 2007

Just for fun

Haven't had much time to blog as of late. I'm working on slowing down BEFORE I run out of gas. Yeah, we'll see how that goes.

But I have to throw this in just for fun:

You Are a Green Crayon
Your world is colored in harmonious, peaceful, natural colors.While some may associate green with money, you are one of the least materialistic people around.Comfort is important to you. You like to feel as relaxed as possible - and you try to make others feel at ease.You're very happy with who you are, and it certainly shows!
Your color wheel opposite is red. Every time you feel grounded, a red person does their best to shake you.

I wish I could say that I am suprised that I am a green crayon, but I'm not. Must be the garden thing.

I'm working on a post to show my appreciation for a wonderful blog award given to me by Courtney, but I still have to try to figure out how to get the pretty graphic up on my blog. It's been a few weeks and I still haven't gotten it right, but hope springs eternal.

We are working frantically to have our walking Rosary up by October 9th when the Bishop is coming to our parish to bless it. We are currently working on making the stepping stones. Here is a pop quiz for you Catholic mums: We have completed 20 Hail Mary stones and 0 (yes, zero!!) Our Father stones. Who can guess how many more stones we have to make before October 8th in order to create an entire garden Rosary?? The first one to guess correctly wins a wonderful you tube video of me crying hysterically while I am shoving little mosaic tiles into mortar mix. (Just kidding, but it would be a great prize, huh??) You could say that I will be a bit busy for the next few days. Just a little.....

Have a great weekend, everyone!! :)


Dapoppins said...

Do you do mosaic tile work? I have a plate in a favorite pattern bought of of ebay that broke in transit I would like to turn into tile. how hard is it? is it worth the work?

You busy lady. Will we get pics of the finished garden?

kitkat said...

Hi dapoppins! Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond. :( I only do mosaic stepping stones for fun, so I cannot call myself an expert. If you would like to do someting like turn it into a stepping stone for your garden, front porch, etc. it is really quite easy. There are even kits that you can buy at craft stores. i made our own concrete mixture using mortar mix, water, and concrete adhesive. Then I just put it into the mold and added the tiles and glass stones. 24 hours later there were pretty stepping stones. I think that the work is worth the end result, but that is just me. It's really not that hard though. Especially if you use the kit.

I am hoping to learn how to post pics soon so that I can put some pics up. Isn't it funny that I can make something out of concrete but the concept of posting pictures on my blog just escapes me??

I have been meaning to ask you if you mind if I add you to my blogroll? I really enjoy your blog. :)