Friday, July 11, 2008

Another comment that I am sure won't get posted

over at Keeping the Home:

"In response to the comment above about the Latin Bible, I feel it necessary to mention that my MIL also has a Bible written in Latin. She went to Catholic High School before the language was switched to the vernacular and Latin was a required course. Although she is not fluent in Latin, especially now after almost 40 years, she was able to understand some of her Latin Bible. She also told me that her Latin Bible was NEVER her only bible. She, in fact, has many including a KJV.

Yes, it was standard for the Catholic Church to conduct all of their services in Latin before Vatican II. This HAS changed, and I think it is important for readers of this blog to understand that. I have been to a Latin (Tridentine) Mass and have found it beautiful despite the fact that I only took two semesters of Latin Derivatives my senior year of high school and could understand very little. It is possible to find beauty and spirituality in a service that is not in your native tongue.

My mother has a bible that is written in German. It is a family heirloom that has a brief family history and our family tree written on the inside cover as it was passed down through my family. I cannot read German, although I can understand some spoken German. If we were to go on the theory that the only Bible worth keeping or carrying with you on your wedding day is one that you could read, I would have to toss this precious family heirloom in the trash.

Have a blessed day."

***Updated to add: I am in utter SHOCK. She actually published my comment!! Well, I do have to give her credit on this one.***


Anonymous said...

I have a Bible written in Spanish...but it's because I wanted to learn to read it in Spanish. (I can recite the "love chapter" in that language).

Perhaps it would be an interesting thing (as well as highly educational) if one learned to read Latin instead of simply carrying around a Bible that one cannot read. Either way, I understand the sentiment of keeping the Bible (although I'd keep it in a very safe place instead of carrying it around) ;-)

KitKat said...

Hi Ellen!! How are you? I do have to agreee with you. My mom keeps the "Family Bible", as we lovingly call it, in her dresser drawer. We only bring it out for VERY special occasions, as it is very old and worn. I guess I just wanted her readers to understand that some people do have other translations of the Bible that they may or may not know how to read, and that you can also own other copies in languages that you can read as well.

Sometimes I just can't express myself very well........

Anonymous said...

Just as we have militant Roman Catholics and militant Reformers (we call them TR's) and militant feminists, we also have militant KJV-onlyist...and they are a breed unto themselves...

(I'm doing very well...and off for the summer! Check the blog later on for vacation photos - a bear licked my teeth...)