Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Busy day...

I don't have much time to blog today. I had to go for blood tests (routine for me, for my thyroid, nothing serious) this morning, and I unfortunately had to have them done at the local hospital so it took much more time than I would have preferred. Tonight, I have to go to a committee meeting for our school's "Family Fest" and I have to get all of my stuff together for the meeting. I also have to clean out our Neon. (It leaks when it rains, and the passenger floor board gets soaked. I forgot to open the windows to let it air out after the big storms that we had been having a week or so ago. Words cannot describe the stifling and smelly air that greeted me when I got in the car this morning. What a pleasant start to my day. LOL!) I have to clean the house because my parents are coming over this weekend. And I have to get my kiddos ready to go over to the neighbors tonight so that I can go to my meeting because hubby has a "team building" meeting tonight that will go on past the time when I would need him to be here to watch the kids. (He hates those "team building" things, but he has to go.)

Whew! I better get started.

Oh - my garden tip for the day: Don't foget to weed regularly otherwise you will face the daunting weeding task that I also have ahead of me today. Lazy lazy me.

My money saving tip of the day: Well, I have been trying not to drive much at all since my kiddos have been out of school and I haven't had to drive across town twice a day every day. That really saves some money, lol! But if you have a car that leaks when it rains, DON'T forget to open the windows after it rains if you aren't driving as much. Trust me, it's a very bad thing if you forget to do that. :)

Have a great day!


a soldier's wife said...

LOL, my Neon does that sometimes too, and yep, I've forgotten to open the windows before :)
Now I always have a Yankee Candle air freshner inside just in case :)

Anonymous said...

Good tip about the weeding! If you don't you'll have a jungle! Hubby does our on a regular basis. :)


Tracy said...

my Toyota Echo also leaks around the windows, I didn't realize it until the first time I took it for a car wash.. what a not so fun surprise that was for me:(

KitKat said...

Ugh!! What is it about leaky cars! Glad that I am not the only one who has a leaky car. I was feeling rather goofy when I was typing that. Like "yeah, my car leaks really bad but I keep driving it cuz it's paid for and good on gas." The cry of a desperate woman. Yesterday when I drove it, my kids kept their faces pointed towards the open windows because I need to steam clean the carpet so badly now. So embarassing! :)

My garden wasn't quite a jungle yet, but if i would have waited another day to weed I might have needed a tour guide to get through it! lol!

Anonymous said...

My van's carpet is extremely dirty! Whenever we are in a parking lot I look around and make sure I am always standing in front of the door before I open it!

I wish I had the kind you can just hose out! lol!! A mother's dream. ;)


KitKat said...

BTW, Hi Shannon! Thanks for stopping by. :)