Friday, September 07, 2007


Disclaimer: First of all, please ignore my typos today. I really don't have time for much of a post, so I am typing as fast as my little fingers will go. Second, I just have to say that my blog is open to EVERYONE. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. I am not here to pick apart your beliefs or to tell you that you are wrong and I am right. Frankly, I don't claim to know exactly who is wrong and who is right in the vast world of theology. I simply have my beliefs that I have come by over the years through formal religious education, self study, and personal experiences and reflections. But if you are a human being, I consider you my "sister" or "brother" in this great big world and it is my prayer that we can all work together to make the rapidly shrinking world a better place for people of all faiths. If you happen to like what I say, great. If not, well, I still like you anyway. ;)

That being said, I do have a strong dislike for outright lies. If you are going to question or attack the faith of another religion please do try to skip all of the great exaggerations. If you are going to attack Roman Catholicism, please try to stick with the facts and not the fanciful imaginings of various authors throughout the years. And PLEASE skip the web sites hosted by non-Catholics if you ever want to fully understand what Catholicism really teaches. If you have never been surrounded by Catholic culture, you really have no idea what it is about EVEN if you think that you have studied it over the Internet or through "interviews" with various fallen away improperly Catechised (SP??) Catholics.

In case you are still wondering what (or who) I am talking about, please read this: . The blog entry titled "Roman Catholicism and Paganism" is just filled with inaccuracies and some really nasty lies. (Does anyone really still not understand that the upside down cross in that picture is the Cross of St. Peter, the rock upon which the Roman Catholic Church was built? I was taught in grade school that the inverted St. Peter's cross was a symbol that was stolen, if you will, by Satanism over the years. It is a common practice in Satanism to take the sacred and make it profane. But do you honestly think that if the Roman Catholic Church had any real connection with Satanism it would be so bold as to advertise it for all of its faithful and the rest of the world to see?) I do not have time to go through and point out all of the faulty parallels that Candy has drawn between Roman Catholicism and Paganism. Fortunately, Visits to Candyland is back up and Elena has taken the time to explain what the symbols that Candy mentions in her article REALLY mean. Thank you, Elena.

I must say again, I like to keep my blog open to people of all faiths. If you are going to comment on this because I have offended you, please be nice. :) I truly do try to understand and respect the beliefs of the people that I meet. I just can't stand it when people LIE about what another group of people believe without taking the time to do legitimate research.

Yikes! I'm out of time for the day. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and weekend!

Seek knowledge, but do it with love and honesty! :)

Updated to add:

I found this link kind of interesting ~ Bent Cross. Please let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Well said Kitkat. I agree with you 100%. I believe that is why you & I get along so well. :) TY for posting this. If I could put a "thumbs up" smiley I would.

Courtney said...

Amen and amen. I was just over at Elena's and Visits to Candyland. I didn't comment, but what I was thinking is how bittersweet the latter site is. It's terrible that it is necessary, but I thank the Lord that Elena and you are doing such a wonderful job defending that faith. God Bless you!

I ended my boycott when Elena closed VtC, but now that she's at it again, I won't go back there even to read her latest nonsense.

Maybe I should do a mini-series on my blog about common misconceptions about the faith. I think must of my readership is Catholic and non-bigot Christians, though, so I don't know how many people would read it and learn something.

This makes me SO MAD! Not just the anti-Catholicism, but UNINFORMED anti-Catholicism that's all based on untruth.


Chrissy said...

Courtney - Deep Breaths! We aren't really surprised are we? It's sad that some folks are misinformed and will remain that way because they choose not to determine for themselves (and that's the key) whether what Candy says is actually truth or not.

I just love Elena! She tells it like it is.

Blondie said...

Excellent post. I've been wanting to address this issue on my blog but haven't been able to put my thoughts into words. You've expressed yourself so eloquently.

Candy's latest post is just completely over the top.

a soldier's wife said...

(((hugs))) Kitkat! I feel so heartsick that this bashing of Catholicism has started back up again.

Anonymous said...

Kitkat & other Catholic readers of this blog,
Please take some deep breaths before reading Candys newest Catholic bashing post about a nuns life.

WHAT A CROCK!! This story is not real. It is a bunch of untruths. Candys "followers" are again hanging on her very last word. Praising God for being Christian & not Catholic. Wanting to bring each & every one of you who are Catholic into the light & know God as they do. Because they are true Christians who praise the only one true God & that is in the Christian church. ~PUKE~

My aunt (grandpas niece)was a nun for many many years. She was very happy doing Gods work. The latest post by Candy is total B.S., a total waste of time to read, & did I say total B.S.!

I started to get pissed but figured out real fast that pissing people off is what Candy does best. I'm done.

kitkat said...

White Daisy ~ {{hugs}} It's so hard to just sit around and listen to someone spew lies! I truly believe that her life must be very sad because it seems like she hungers for attention and has a strong desire to "save" people. (Perhaps to add some meaning to her life, but that thought is just me musing. I don't know her personally, so I can only just guess.) I absolutely hate the lies that she spreads and have no respect for her integrity, but I do feel kinda sad for her.

That being said, the gloves are half way off............


kitkat said...

Thank you, soldier's wife. You are so kind, and you always make me smile! :)