Sunday, September 09, 2007

Why do people lie?

For attention. Really, it all boils down to that point.

It is with great reluctance that give this blogger the attention that she craves, but I really have to say a few words on this post: This former nun story is widely circulated on the internet. But a simple google search will also provide information like this: Sister Charlotte's Testimony Refuted.

PLEASE, stick to the facts when debating religion.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I stated on my blog that I have been catty on the net & that i'm not perfect. I guess i'm doing it again. Candy really knows how to push those buttons that's for sure. Here's an idea: why don't we turn that zeal over to another area in your life & stop bashing Catholics!!

I am getting so frickin' sick of hearing Candy & her readers bash Catholics & then turn around & say they have nothing but love for Catholics! YUCK!!!!!!!!!

Also growing up in the Catholic church-Mass every sat. evening, making first communion, going to CCD classes from ages 5-15, I HEARD the Gospel! What a bold face LIE for Candy, her husband, & other ex-Catholics who are now Christian, (because they've been reborn into Christ through the one true Christian church, seen the light & no longer walk with blinders on remember) as well as Candy followers who believe all this crap because their authority leader says it;'s all true. FALSE. FALSE. FALSE.

Holly Elise asked Candy if she even researched the facts before posting that stupid story. Candys response to Holly Elise was WEAK not the article refuting Charlottes. She is so mixed up. :( :(

Now, the 3 maidens & I do attend 2 churches at the present time. We go to Catholic Mass on sat. evenings, the Christian church on weds. nights, (family night-youth groups & adult bible study in the sanctuary) & sunday service at the same Christian church. We will be leaving soon so I will get off my soap box...for now.

Everyone have a great sunday!! :)

Anonymous said...

This is what I meant. It didn't come out correctly. I was typing tooooo fast. **Candys response to Holly Elise was WEAK not the article itself that was refuting Charlottes story.**

Anonymous said...

She took down her comments for this post. Gee, I wonder what she will say the reason for this is?! Hmmm....maybe something like: ~I took down the comments for this post because I have been getting hateful comments & mail from non believers, Catholics, & Christians who stick up for them. My person is being attacked. I am being called names & cussed at~...YEAH YEAH we've heard this crap before. WHATEVER Candy.

Anonymous said...

Candy is a fraud, plain & simple. She has built up this "persona" on her blog of who she is: the fit-as-a-fiddle wife and mom of 4 children who homeschools them, keeps them in line with perfect discipline, makes homemade yogurt, bread & kombucha (or whatever), keeps a spotless house that is company-ready at all times, studies her Bible 5 hours per day, teaches Bible to her family, etc. etc. In reality, she's a sad lady who lives in a crowded mobile home and is skilled at using google. The reason she doesn't put up refuting posts and then challenge them intelligently? She can't. She's young, she's self-righteous and she is allowing herself to be used by satan to divide the brethren. Her writings are not hers for the most part- they are pulled from obscure places (to keep anyone from "finding" them) and then posted as her own.

We really need to pray for this one, ladies.

A Saddened Believer

kitkat said...

Well said, anon.

Unashamed said...

I'm so sorry that this issue has reared its ugly head again. I try to stay away from stuff like this because it makes me crazy. If it's any consolation to you, I don't think she does it out of hate. I honestly think that she has a genuine - though misguided - concern. Somewhere along the line she has heard or read the distortions and lies that she posts and she has been misled by them, thinking that they are an accurate portrayal of the RC church. I pray that she might find the truth and no longer be divided from her Catholic brethren.

Anonymous said...