Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quite a Thinker!

I love MZEllen's blog. She's a smart, smart lady who really does get me thinking. She gave me a bit of a challenge to define the term "Gospel" in my earlier post about the readings at today's Mass. I left her this in response ~

"Ellen, that is a great question. And no, I do not take that as an attack. :) I guess that my personal definition of the "Gospel" comes mainly from my LCMS upbringing. I view it as the Greek definition of "good news" (of salvation) and from the four books of the New Testament that are traditionally considered "authoritative" in their stories of the life of Christ: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.Good question, and I think that I see the point that you are making. Other folks may have a different definition. I guess that mine is rather narrow."

Over on her blog, she has challenged us to give our definition of the term "Gospel" .I hope that you stop by and give her your thoughts. It really is a great question to ponder.

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Anonymous said...

One reason I ask myself that continually is breaking myself of the legalistic "Baptist" version of law-gospel-law that I grew up with.

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