Friday, June 27, 2008

Ah Summer!!

Well, it finally got hot here in my little corner of the world! So I have been sitting inside with the air on until the sun goes down a bit and I can actually go outside without bursting into flames and filling up like a water balloon. I am usually not so wimpy during the summer. I really love the heat. But pregnancy just does something weird to me. I puff up with fluid and turn into my own little furnace as soon as the temperature inches above 80 degrees. I am so not a pretty pregnany lady. I don't glow, I radiate heat. Ugh. I am already looking forward to next summer.

I had an OB appointment yesterday and the baby is doing very well. So is mommy, aside from the obviously wildly swinging pregancy hormones (judging by the above paragraph!). LOL!! I really am doing good though. My blood pressure is good and I have been trying really hard to keep my weight gain in check. Baby's heartbeat is very strong and it has a GREAT kick. I am starting to get past the worried/suprised stage and more into the excited/nesting stage.

Our town is having it's annual "Taste of" fest, so I think that is what we are going to be doing this weekend. There will be over 30 local restaurants there. I certainly hope that one of them will be a Mexican restaurant because that is what I craved with all of my past pregnancies and this one is turning out the same way. Wow I want some nachos for lunch. And ice cream. And Jalapenos! Mmmmmm..... Just Kidding!! But I really do want some nachos. And ice cream. I guess that I just have to wait until tomorrow.

Anyway, I must finally get off this computer and start cleaning. Enjoy your weekend!


Unashamed said...

Excellent baby news - glad to hear that you are both doing well. Sorry about the blowing up thing though, heh heh. Yeah, pregnant in the summer is not the funnest time ever, is it? It's supposed to be a little cooler here this weekend. Maybe for you too. That should make gardening more pleasant I would think :)

Tracy said...

Pregnancy and summer just don't mix do they:)
My first three are all August birthdays and that means summer pregnancies, August 13, 28 & 31st
And those summers were VERY hot ones, I took several cool showers during the day, I always felt so sticky:)