Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Preggy Update, etc.

Well, according to my Baby Center emails, I am officially 17 weeks pregnant. I don't really feel like I am. But I am DEFINITELY not complaining about that. I am more in shock because when I do the math I realise that I only have about 23 weeks (in a perfect world) to get everything done that I have dreamed I would do before the baby gets here. I want to clean out every closet. They really need it! We have a "Don't open the closets when company is over" rule. Kinda like our "Don't open the kitchen cabinets when company is over" rule. Oh, and don't forget the "Don't open the door to the play room when company is over" rule. You get the picture, right? If I don't do everything now, things will only get worse after the baby comes. So I plan to be as busy as my body will let me be. I feel pretty good so far, and believe me when I say that I thank the good Lord every day for that! :)

My strawberries are coming in - slowly. I was able to harvest 18 whole strawberries yesterday. Who hoo!! I brought them in, washed them off, and set them in a bowl on the kitchen counter. Then I went upstairs to shower and contemplate exactly what I was going to do with only 18 strawberries. Should I freeze them until the rest of the crop is ready? Should I make a nice jello mold or jello pie or something? Maybe some strawberry quick bread? I just didn't really have a clue about what to do with only a few strawberries. When I came down the stairs after my shower I noticed that my bowl of strawberries was missing from the counter. Hmmmmmmmm..... I looked down in the family room and saw that my two DDs had discovered the perfect use (in their opinion) for the strawberries: a nice mid morning snack for two growing girls. Oh well! At least they went to a good cause!!


Tracy said...

ok, I feel like a jerk, I didn't even know you were pregnant so now I must say.... CONGRATULATIONS KITKAT!!!!!!!!!!!

KitKat said...

Hi Tracy! Don't feel like a jerk! I haven't posted too much about it. We are very very happy about the baby but I am not at my happy best during pregnancy, so I have been trying to spare everyone from my preggy gripes. :) But the due date is December 3 according to my calculations and Nov 22 according to the ultrasound measurements. I keep meaning to put up a preggy banner but I just can't figure out how to do it. Yep, I am a bad blogger.

Anyway, thanks for the congrats! :)