Monday, June 23, 2008

This and That

It was a lovely weekend here in my part of the Midwest. It was just warm enough to be happy and comfortable, and just cool enough to be happy and comfortable. (In other words, it was in the upper 70s and my poor preggy legs, ankles, and feet actually weren't swelling. That's how I judge a good day now. LOL!!)

I really didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked to this weekend, but we did relax and have fun. I got some more seeds replanted in the garden. Carrots and such. I also re-potted my hubby's plant from his office at work and finally planted some of those flowers that had just been sitting around in their original containers getting root bound instead of looking pretty on my patio.

I am hoping to have enough peas ready in the garden to be able to have them for dinner tonight. My parents are supposed to come over, so it would be nice to surprise my retired gardener Dad with some fresh produce. Although he will walk out to my garden and remind me that I need to tie up my tomatoes, I am sure. They are a bit out of control right now because I am (ok, my hubby is) building some new supports for them with PVC pipe and chicken wire. Right now my tomatoes are visiting with my broccoli and it is a bit hard to walk around in the garden, so I need to get that under control.

Other than that, it was a long relaxing weekend. So relaxing, in fact, that I must now go clean before my parents come over. I don't want them to think that I have gone sloppy!

As an aside, I was saddened to hear that George Carlin has passed away. He was 1 year younger than my father is. Yes, I know that he was controversial and used some pretty foul language. I may not have always agreed with him, but sometimes I did. And sometimes he just made me laugh, like with his baseball and football comparison. (*I tried to make sure that this video is clean!* I didn't hear any dirty words on this clip, but beware of any other Carlin videos if you have the kiddos around or if you don't want to hear any objectionable language! Oh, and watch the comment section. But other than that, you should be ok.) But when you stripped away the cuss words, he really said things that made you *think*. I like people who make me think. Thinking is good. Sometimes you learn something new and sometimes you just learn to see something from a different point of view. But a person who is solid in their Faith should never be afraid of a different point of view. I have always found that it makes me a better person to understand something from someone else's perspective.

Anyway, hope that everyone has a great week! :)


Tracy said...

I was also sad to hear of Mr. Carlin's death, he was one yr older than my own dad so that was a hard reality for me.
I know he was controversial and I never watched his programs around my kids but lets face it, sometimes the man was a genius, plain and simple and he told it like it is and for that, I respected him, I didn't agree with him on everything but I could still see the humor in what he was saying, he was a rare kind and I will miss him. I'm so glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend, I did too:)

Unashamed said...

I am right with you on the weather. In my opinion, 25C (which is 77F) is the perfect temperature. Not cool, not hot, just right! It sounds like this weekend is going to be chilly though - of course, because it is a long weekend for us!