Monday, June 16, 2008

In the Grrrrrden

All that I have to say about this year's growing season here in the corn belt is:

Have you been reading those stories about higher corn prices? The last that I read, a bushel of corn was going for $7.58 (That's really high folks!!!!) and was projected to be much higher later in the summer because of the harsh spring and SERIOUS FLOODING in Iowa. (Let's take a moment to say a prayer for all of those folks who are suffering right now.) Here in my neck of the farm fields, farmers started out the year almost 3 weeks behind in planting because of the cold and wet spring that we had. Now many fields have some standing water in them. Most vegetables don't grow in standing water, especially corn and soybeans. And those two crops have a great deal of control over food prices as a whole.

The points of this little post are as follows:

1. My garden is hurting, just like the farmer's crops. So my usual buffer against the rising cost of food isn't going to be what it usually is. GRRRRRRRRR!

And, most importantly, number
2. Food prices will be going up up up in your grocery store. I know, they already have gone up. But it is going to get worse. So, if you can, try to stock up a little bit now. My area of farmdom, besides growing some of the finest sweet corn that you have ever had the intense privilege of eating, grows a large portion of feed corn. And we have lost a lot of crops. Lots of farmers and just chucking the corn that got damaged and planting soy beans. (Sigh. I have my own opinion of soy, and it is not good.) And Iowa, the #1 corn producer in the nation, is under water. So expect your beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and dairy to go up because the price of feed is going to suffer a big price jump. Stock up and freeze if you can.

On the bright side, my peas and strawberries are coming in and I should have some lettuce and spinach shortly. We are going to expand our garden AWAY from the flood zone of our property, so that might save me next year.

Now, I have to go out and de-bug, weed, pull cilantro, and plant some carrots. It is also time for me to start my fall seeds so that they will be ready to plant in August. The fun part of gardening is that I always have to think a few months in advance.

Well, I am off to go cry in my garden. Have a wonderful day!!!

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