Monday, June 16, 2008

Forgotten Lyrics

Hubby and I were outside working on the pool and preparing for our pre-Father's Day cook out on Saturday. He popped some disks into the CD player. (Yeah, we still use CDs. Pathetic, I know. We do also have MP3s and VZ Music on our phones. But old habits die hard. Especially when it would cost bundles of cash to upgrade our stereo and music format. We just have better uses for our money.) He put on an old Queensryche CD and this song came on. I remember hearing it back in the day and thinking: "Wow! This song is so true it's scary!!" It is even more true today, over ten years later. So much for progress.

"Sign of the Times" - Queensryche

Heading for the classroom yesterday
The kids file through the metal machine
It finds what they may hide
No it just ain't right...
A sign of the times

Another church is burning to the ground...
Looking for the vandals and
they're nowhere to be found
But the hate's alive
A sign of the times, Sign of the times...
A sign of the times, Sign of the times...

Would someone please let me know
how we have spun out of control?
Has the captain let go of the wheel?
Or could we please try to find a way to be a bit more kind?
I see the road to tomorrow in the haze!

On the Senate floor they congregate
Many pockets lined with green,
From those behind the scenes,
yeah they take the bribe ( it's on the side )
A sign of the times, Sign of the times...
A sign of the times, Sign of the times...

From the album: Hear In The Now Frontier (1997)
Hear it here. Not the best version. Sorry. :(

And yes, I am a pathetic MetalHead. :)


Blondie said...

Oh cool song...kinda eerie isn't it?

BTW we have iPods but we still use CD's most of the time. Heck, we even have some cassette tapes that we listen to every now & then. lol!

Anonymous said...

We still use CD's and only CD's. I've got nothing to play an MP3 or anything else. I've never downloaded music, ever.

Habits die hard, but I also say if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and we have never had a problem with any of our music or the devices used to get it to us.

I'm either old, or my grandmother lives within me because I sound just like her. Oh well, she's always been my role model with everything else, so why not with my inability to change as well?

KitKat said...

Glad We're not the only ones that still use those CDs. :) I kinda felt like a relic saying that my DH "popped in a CD". My kiddos have an MP3 player and we download some songs on the computer and onto our phones. But we still buy CDs.

Blondie - Glad that you liked the song. I was really struck by how eerie it was when I heard it again the other day. So much so that I just had to blog about it. ;)

Perplexity - I'm either old or my father lives with us. Whenever I buy anything I always hear his voice saying "Do you like it? Well, you better because you are going to have it for the next 20 years." He's a "If it aint' broke, don't fix it" AND don't replace it kinda guy too.