Friday, August 22, 2008

I passed, and now I will make a roast

I passed my glucose test today! It was a bit nervous just because my Hashimoto's Disease makes me more prone to complications. But I have been enjoying good health with this pregnancy, so I figured that I would be fine.

I hate the glucose test. It was especially yucky for me today because I couldn't take my thyroid meds until after the test. I need to eat about an hour after I take them (and I take them at 6 am), but my dr appt wasn't until 9:30am and I needed to do at least a 12 hour fast before the test. I was so tired without my medication and so hungry without food that I went straight for McDonald's after the test. And I HATE McDonald's. To add insult to injury, their debit/credit card machine was out of order so I had to cancel my order and go to Burger King where I stood in line for 10 minutes waiting for someone to take my order. I never eat fast food. Now I know why.

So, I am a bit tired today because the delay of taking my meds and the blood sugar shake up kind of wore me out. I am cheating for dinner with my hubby's favorite pot roast recipe. It's so good and so easy! It's not organic, uses nothing from the garden, and is probably pretty bad for you. But we all have those days, right? Just in case you ever want to be bad, here is the recipe:

French Onion Pot Roast
1 Beef Pot roast apx 3 - 4 lbs (or smaller works fine too)
1 can condensed french onion soup mix
1 box savory herb stuffing mix
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

Brown the pot roast in a bit of olive oil and season to taste (I use a bit of pepper, garlic, and Italian Seasoning. I recommend skipping the salt because of the high sodium content of, um, all of the other ingredients.) Put the pot roast into your crock pot and pour the french onion soup on top. Cook on high for about 3 - 4 hours. Add the stuffing mix (sprinkle on top of the roast and do not mix in) and continue cooking on high for another 1 -2 hours. Add the shredded mozz cheese and cook until cheese is melted. Remove from crock pot and serve. I like to serve this with some carrots and a big huge salad to remove some of my guilt.

I try to cook healthy as much as humanly possible. But life happens sometimes. Now I can try to regroup myself after running around while dead tired, maybe get something done around the house, and still have a hot dinner waiting for my hubby that he loves. We can splurge on the bad stuff every once in awhile, right?

I'm going to go lay down for a bit and then do some laundry. Have a great day!!


a soldier's wife said...

I'm glad your tests went okay. That's wonderful news!

I'll have to try the pot roast recipe. It has 2 of my son's favorite foods....roast and mozzarella cheese :)

Unashamed said...

I'm chuckling over your last 3 posts. But in a good way ;) Very good to hear that your test went well. Is that the test where they make you drink a bunch of yucky stuff and then test your blood sugar? 'Cause, ew.

Once I went to Burger King for breakfast in the US and they had this thing called the "Ginourmous Omelet" or something. It was double the size of the ordinary breakfast sandwich had so much junk on it (bacon! sausage! AND ham!) that I nearly fell over laughing at the picture. My family, of course, was mortified.

sara said...

You really are on a funny, funny roll. Must be the hormones. ;)

Tracy said...

So glad it went good.. I always hated that yucky test.. just seeing you write about it makes my mouth feel gross:)

Amity said...

Glad to hear that everything was o.k.!! That pot roast recipe sounds delicious in a yummy not at all healthy sort of way ;-)

I aim for healthy too but alot of the times my aiming it way off..but I do TRY..

angie said...

Yeah for you passing your glucose test! Your pot roast recipe sounds delicious. I will have to file that one away. :)