Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why do I do this to myself?

And why can't I just say "no"?

My neighbor who lives behind me called and asked me to watch her kids for her. Her THREE children. Her THREE children that do not behave in the same manner as my children do. Now, I am not saying that her children are bad. They are just different. I am a very mellow person. So are my children. I am very blessed in that way. God gave me just the kind of children that I need and can handle considering my personality and illness (Hashimoto's Disease). My neighbors children make me want to drink. ALOT. They are much more, um, creative and energetic than my own children. When my children get creative and unruly, it consists of putting barbies in their toy car and rolling them down the slide. When my neighbors kids get unruly, it consists of throwing large rocks to see if they leave a mark on my nice white pvc fence. They give me twitches. I just cannot handle it. But I still said "Yes, I'll watch them for you." And not just for an hour or two. But for TWO WHOLE DAYS. God help me. I need a spine. Sometimes I hate myself.


sara said...

maybe God's preparing you for your new little one. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, my children are the fence-denting variety. ;) His grace will sustain you.

Blondie said...

OOohhhhh I feel for you!!! I've found myself in that predicament before. It reminds me of one of my favorite picture books, The Very Bad Bunny. It's about PJ Funnybunny, and how he is so "bad", like forgetting to pick things up, spilling syrup...but then along comes Cousin Binky, who does REALLY bad things...ON PURPOSE...like gluing PJ's checkers together, locking the whole family out of the house and drawing on the walls. After Binky goes home, PJ's family doesn't think he's so bad after all. My kids & I have always loved that book!

KitKat said...

quick update - well, I did make it through. But I'm glad it's over. More because I am just kinda tired from being preggers than because the kids were unruly. So that is a blessing.