Friday, August 08, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Did you ever just wake up one morning and feel like an entire month or season or whatever has gone by and you completely missed it? That is what I have been feeling like this whole week. I just realised that my children have to be back in school by the 20th of this month. Now please understand, I KNEW that they went back on the 20th, but I just didn't really grasp how incredibly close we actually are to that day. Does that make sense? Good, I'm glad that you guys understand it because I am still a bit dazed by the concept. Where did the summer go? The last time I checked, it was the 4th of July and I still had a month and a half of relaxing summer fun left to enjoy. Oh well, I guess all good things must end and now I have to get the kids ready to go back to school and myself ready to go back to work. Sigh.

I actually ventured out to my garden the other day. I have a sad confession to make. Apparently I don't garden well while pregnant. I might have something to do with me being physically challenged to bend, move, breathe, etc. (I am quite an ungraceful pregnant woman!) It might have something to do with the lousy gardening weather that we have had all season long. I really just don't know anymore. All I know is that I am going to be making a ton of marinara sauce this fall because tomatoes are about the only things that are growing well for me. I am going to plant some more rows of carrots, some spinach, and some peas. I'll see what else I feel like doing, but I just feel like a dismal failure this season. But every true gardener always knows that there is always next year, so I am already planning what seeds I am going to start in February. No sense in dwelling on failures. Look to the future instead. Hey, it works for me.

I am off to wash school uniforms and clean my house. I have one more glorious week to enjoy with my children before it's back to the old school grind. I intend to enjoy every minute of it. Hope that you do too!


Tracy said...

Have a great week with your kid before they head back to school.. summer is just flying past us!!

a soldier's wife said...

This is our last week too...I'm trying to make sure our uniforms are ready and I haven't forgotten anything.
Enjoy your week!