Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And I'm still behind

Alas, it seems that I spent a great deal of our beautiful weekend doing something really silly - enjoying myself and my family. Oh yes, I did get some things accomplished. Mainly because I had to. Our next door neighbors told us on Saturday that they were going to put their home up for sale. I hurried to try to spruce up the front yard so that we would not look like the "scary neighbors". I am very sad that we are losing neighbors in that house again (They've only been here 2 years. The folks who lived there before were wonderful, but the husband got a job transfer.)

I am always nervous when a house around ours goes up on the market. We have been in our home for almost 9 years, and the housing market EXPLODED around us. Lots of folks used their equity to trade up, but we have stayed. I am a creature of habit, and I like knowing who I live by. We have been very blessed with good neighbors in the past. There is a certain comfort in having a history with the people that you live around. When we first moved in, we all shared the experience of building a new home. Many of us had wee little ones, were expecting (like we were), or were just married and looking to start a family. Now, more often than not, we end up being the older and wiser neighbors to the fresh new faces that move in. I guess that I just have to get used to it. Life does go on, ever so quickly.

I have to go and do a weight loss update over by Brandy's Variety Garden Blog. (Listed on my blogroll. I'll add a link in this post later. I need to do a post about her weight loss group, too.) I haven't been doing great, but I did shed a almost 2 pounds. It's a start.


Unashamed said...

I had big plans for the weekend too - I was determined to get the yard and back porch cleaned up for spring. Then my good sense got the best of me and I took advantage of the first really nice weather this year and enjoyed myself outside! No regrets either.

kitkat said...

Hi Unashamed! Thanks for dropping by! :-) I did add you to my blogroll. I just wanted to wait until I had your "ok".

I don't regret "playing" this weekend either. It just felt SOOOO good to just relax and enjoy the weather. I'm so glad that it is finally warm again!