Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rolling Away.....

My 8 yr DD has to go to a birthday party today. At a roller rink. Now, I loved roller skating when I was growing up. Keep in mind that I grew up before roller blades became popular. One of the most popular tunes played at 'the rink' back in my day was "One night in Bankok" or something by Berlin or Bananarama. They played some Metallica, Poison, or Warrant when I was skating in high school. Yep, it's been awhile since I regularly strapped four wheels to each foot and tried to maintain my balance.

Fortunately, my 5 yr DD went to one of these roller parties back in February. I gotta say, on my own I was skating pretty good. I still have it! ;-) Ha Ha!! Helping a wobbly 5 yr old who kept saying "I got it Momma!" (while sounding a bit like Animal from the muppets) was another story. My 8 yr old was also skating rather well. She gets it from me, of course. :-) LOL!! My five year old and I, though, moved ever so slowly around the rink. We were like a moving speed bump. I "roller walked" behind her with my arms outstretched trying to keep the 12 year olds from ramming into the back of her while she insisted that "I'm skating, Mommy!" She's so cute, but her skating style was really more like skate walking while causing the other skaters to have horrendous accidents as they swerved to avoid her. I'm hoping today goes better. She's had some practice. Maybe she can actually allow her wheels to roll this time. I love her spunk!

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