Monday, April 16, 2007


At last!!! Today it is a beautiful 62 degrees outside. I think that I can finally sneak out to my garden and replant everything that died during our 2 week cold snap. I am trying to grow most of our vegetables for this year for both cost and health reasons. I'll trying to do a longer post later, but right now I hear my garden calling me. :-)


Brandy said...

It was in the low 40s here today ... upper 30s tomorrow ... we did end up with 4" of snow afterall, but it's almost all gone now. I'm just thankful we didn't get the 28" Tupper Lake, NY got!!

.... I'm getting awful anxious for WARM weather though :-(

kitkat said...

Hi Brandy!! I probably wrote this post a little too soon. The Midwest giveth and Midwest taketh away. Today we are only in the 40s. :-(

Glad your snow is almost gone. This must be an adjustment for you after enjoying that warm southern weather for so long. I notice that it takes me much less time to get used to warm weather than it does cold.

Hope spring starts for you SOON!! :-)