Thursday, April 12, 2007

A stitch in time

Last Thursday, I had to have a little minor "surgery" to remove an atypical mole on my stomach. (I have already had a small stage 1 melanoma, so they remove any funny looking moles that I have right away. I'll have to put a little post on this later.) Anyway, it was just abnormal cells, no cancer yet. But I did end up with four stitches on my belly. I have had a busy week with Easter and spring cleaning. I have been feeling really good, no pain in the stitches or anything so I just kinda stopped paying attention to them and went about my cleaning frenzy. Imagine my suprise this morning when I looked at my tummy and noticed that 2 out of four stitches had popped!! Yikes!! I've never popped stitches before. My hubby kept warning me not to overdo it, but I just chuckled and kept on going. Guess I should have listened! I don't have to go in to get more stitches, but now I have to be extra careful until I go to get the rest of the stitches out so that I don't stretch the new, thin skin bond that is still healing. When will I learn???? :-)

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