Friday, June 15, 2007


Hindsight, as they always say, is 20/20. In that spirit, I am breaking a personal rule and removing my post about a comment that I left to another blogger that wasn't published. (I try not to remove posts because I try to make sure that I always type something that I am willing to leave up. But, alas, I am not perfect and things happen. Sigh.) I just don't want to be accused of trying to start anything, as it has already been implied............

Forgive me please. I really wasn't trying to incite. :-(

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a soldier's wife said...

I just wanted to say that I totally understand. I had previously posted about what I think is the same blog, but after I got it out, I felt so much better and ended up changing the post because I didn't want to get something started or fall into one of the things that had orginally made me hurt/angry. I felt bad about changing an entry but I thought it was for the best.(((hugs)))