Sunday, June 17, 2007

Awwww rats!

The only thing that you can predict about the weather in the Midwest is it's unpredictability. I took a big gamble in the garden this year. I planted cauliflower as a spring crop when it does better as a fall crop in this part of the country. I planted my peas on time but we have had an incredibly hot spring, so they are not finished yet. It is 94 degrees here today, and I SWEAR that my spring crops are giving me dirty looks as they are sitting there in my garden wilting from the heat. My cauliflower will be lucky now if it produces heads, and pea growth and yield goes way down in temps over 70 degrees. My broccoli heads that are almost (but not quite) ready are getting sun scorched, and I swear that I can hear my lettuce screaming. Gotta love gardening. :-(

But my summer tomato plants look so beautiful. They just love this heat.


a soldier's wife said...

I'm sorry to hear about how the hotness is affecting your garden. I can't wait until I can have one ;-)
Thanks so much for the complements on my family, and my hair, lol

moey said...

LOVE homegrown tomatoes! I am so glad for you that they are doing well, at least!

Anonymous said...

Left you a message on my blog. :)