Friday, June 22, 2007

Peas may I have some more!

Here's something that you may not know about me: we have a beautiful Siberian Husky. She's going to be 3 years old this August. She's VERY submissive, so much so that it makes me wonder if she was mistreated before we got her. (We did not buy her from a pet store or a breeder. We got her from a Siberian Husky rescue center just after she turned 1.) We have had our fair share of adventures with her! When we first got her, she would dig out under the fence and go for a LONG run. We thought that we had really lost her the first time that she did that. Imagine our surprise when my hubby looked out in the back yard the next morning and found her laying there in "her spot", muddy and REALLY SMELLY. One other time that she got out our neighbor found her sleeping in our driveway at 5:00 am, muddy and REALLY smelly again. But aside from that slightly annoying digging habit, she is a really great dog. She's great with the kids, she's huggable and lovable, and people who don't know anything about Husky's think that she is really wolfy scary looking. (She's really a big lovable goof, but she has this wolfy mask on her face that could look a bit intimidating.)

Anyway, this dog still surprises me after two years of having her. Last night Hubby and I picked some of our pea crop. I took our bounty inside and began prepping them for dinner and freezing. It has been obvious since the very first month that we have had this crazy dog that she LOVES vegetables and fruit. (I found this out the hard way. I couldn't figure out what was happening to all of my tomatoes the first year that we got her. I saw her playing with a green ball one day, but I didn't remember buying her a green ball. It suddenly dawned on me that she was stealing my tomatoes. But that is another story....) Doggie was standing around me as I was trying to prep my peas, so hubby tossed her an empty pea pod. We figured that she would just spit it out but she ate it. And she wanted another! And another and another. So I finally have a use for all of those empty pea pods that I have been throwing away. Who would have thought......

The pea pods that this doggie loved so much carried a very nice variety of peas called Dual that I ordered from Vessey's, a Canadian seed company. I have been so happy with these peas! They are not super sweet, but they have a pleasantly sweet pea taste with a super high yield, consistent double podding habit, and lots of peas per pod (10-14 to be exact). Great for small spaces like mine! I am going to try to plant these again in the fall, but it is only an experiment because these do have a longer growing time at approximately 65 days. My fall growing season is unpredictable at best, so I am taking a big risk. But I'm crazy like that! :)

Well, I'm off to finish cleaning. It's a nice rainy day today, so I should be able to get lots done without being tempted to go outside and putter in the garden. My spring crops are just about ready for harvest, and I seem to think that going out and staring at them will make them be ready sooner. Something like a watched pot and boiling......

Have a great day!! :-)


moey said...

Did you try the salad? What did you think? Wow, I'd love some of those fresh peas. How funny about your dog.

kitkat said...

Hi Moey! :) No, I haven't tried your salad yet. It sounds Sunday Dinner worthy, so I am going to the store to buy the liquid smoke tomorrow. (Can you believe that I am out of it?? That is a crime against my pantry!) My romaine lettuce should be ready by then, too. It's almost there! I have been looking forward to trying your salad since you posted the recipe, so I will be sure to let you know how it turns out. I hope that I don't ruin your recipe, LOL!

And for folks who don't know what we are talking about, be sure to visit Moey's blog and check out the smokehouse salad post. Once you read it, I'm sure that it will be on your menu plan too. (I've also got Soldier's wife's guacamole on my menu. She has that posted on her blog, too.)

Moey, I'd send you some peas if I could but I'm not sure how fresh they'd be by the time they made it to you. ;-)

Unashamed said...

Vessey's! Yeah, they're big around here. In the late winter you can usually find kids going around the neighbourhood with Vessey's catalogues trying to get the neighbours to buy some bulbs for fundraising.

I'd love to see a picture of your doggie sometime.

Courtney said...

I hope you feel better soon. I've been fighting an itchy nose all day, which I assume is allergies. There's nothing more frustrating that feeling like you're going to sneeze but NOT sneezing.

I love your post title! Tee hee.