Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Updating my blogroll

I'm updating my blogroll, and I noticed that some of my links don't really go anywhere now. If you have moved your blog and would like me to still link to you, please let me know. I will happily fix my link to you. (PrairieFlower, are you there?? I miss you!) :-)


MoonStar said...

I have moved my blog to blogger. I don't know if you will like to link to my new blog. It's like the old Xanga I had but a bit different. That's why i'm reluctant to post it here. :) I will blog roll ya on my new blog. I miss chatting with you too. I am not really using PrairieFlower i.d. (I have no Xanga account anymore) but kept PF for positng on blogger blogs. I have to keep PF for posting on blogs such as yours. I DO have a NEW blog i.d. name & URL. So i'm currently using one of the 2 blogger i.d.s that I have. Confused? LOL! I hope not. :D Take care.

kitkat said...

Yay!! There you are! I thought that I had lost you. LOL! And I will happily blogroll you again if it is ok with you. :-)

MoonStar AKA: PrairieFlower said...

Email me at: MoonStar3C@yahoo.com

Then I will send it to you but not here on your blog o.k.? :D I would love for you to blog roll me. :)