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Please, Dear Readers, forgive me for what I am about to do. My patience has finally reached it's limit and I have a very low tolerance for complete ignorance. (See definiton 2) But, really, WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS and exactly who does this little girl think she is?????:
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Roman Catholic or Christian?

The new Pope (Vicar of Christ - the Greek roots of 'vicar' is "anti", AKA Greek Vicar of Christ = antichrist) proclaimed the other day that you are saved ONLY by being a member of the Roman Catholic church. Of course, anyone who has read his or her Bible knows that that is not true. (**** Ok, before I even thought of converting to Catholicism I was taught by PROTESTANT Pastors that the word Vicar means one who acts in place of Christ. And not to be understood by the exact definition, because of course there can NEVER be another Christ on Earth. But this word refers to a person commited to serve the Lord. Also, I was taught that the meaning of the word Vicar in this context comes from the Latin root. Am I WRONG in this understanding??? ****) (*** Updated to add: What is the point that you are trying to make if you KNOW that the Latin root means "substitute"? I think that you are stretching a bit.***)

To learn how to receive true salvation, click here.(*** I refuse to go anywhere with JACK CHICK. Please forgive my Wikipedia link. It was the best that I could find on short notice.***)

Although not admitting it, this pope is leaning closer and closer to pre-Vatican 2. This is great news for many high-ranking Satanists, because part of their advancing in the religion of Satan is to become a pre-Vatican 2 priest. One ex-Satanist in his book "Lucifer Dethroned," even claimed that when he was leading the Eucharist in his pre-Vatican 2 church, the wine really did turn into blood. This was great for him, because at the time, he drank real blood daily. (***WHAT??!!?? Where in the world does she get this stuff?***)

In other news - did you know that the Muslim messiah is supposed to reign for 7 years? Coincidence? Hmmm... (**What exactly are you saying here? Are you trying to imply that the POPE is somehow the Muslim Messiah? Or something else? I don't understand your logic. To say that we have different world views is an understatement.***)

I truly believe we are the generation of the fig tree. If we indeed are, then most of us will be witnessing "the end." The signs of the fig tree are lining up like perfect little ducks in a row.

Do as the Bible says - "watch and pray." Not "be ignorant and feed the flesh while there's still time." How do you know what to watch for? If you don't have an inkling, then you need to get your nose out of the TV guide or the latest fiction, and get it into the KJV Bible. This is serious stuff. How's your spirit doing?

My spirit is doing just fine, Thanks for asking. But I wonder about yours, dear fellow blogger. Why do you do this? What are you getting from it? There are so many other things in this world to worry about! There are so many other things in this nation to worry about! I really just don't understand. Why???

Update: If you are interested, please read the article by Elena at My Domestic Church to find out What The Vatican Really Said Yesterday.


Kelly said...

Jack Chick says that the Catholic Church founded Islam to draw more people away from Christianity. Maybe that's why she thinks Muslim Messiah is related to the Pope being the Anti-Christ.

I was surprised she let your comment though!

kitkat said...

Thanks Kelly! I must admit that I am not up on my Jack Chick lit. I can hardly stomach it.

I, too, am suprised that she let my comment through. I just meant it as a rhetorical question because I was fairly sure that it would not get published.

kitkat said...

I'm also pretty sure that she let it through for a reason. I can't help but wonder if it was simply to, for lack of a better phrase, release the hounds on me.

Anonymous said...

She is doing this because I wrote a (deleted) comment stating that she is misrepresenting what Rome teaches and that vicar is NOT anti (it's substitute) and the Greek for Antichrist is...antichrist.

I wrote a note on my blog, since I can't get through to her...I hope that some of her readers will get to me.

(I vehemently disagree with the Roman Catholic church on MANY issues, but I make a real attempt to disagree in truth, not distortion)

Kelly said...

Oh, she replied to you now. I corrected what she wrote with this, but of course, she won't let it though.

"The Catholic Catechism, paragraph 1544 states: Everything that the priesthood of the Old Covenant prefigured finds its fulfillment in Christ Jesus, the "one mediator between God and men."

Paragraph 2674 states: Jesus, the only mediator, is the way of our prayer; Mary, his mother and ours, is wholly transparent to him."

Anonymous said...

"reply" isn't exactly the right word. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kitkat!! :) Deep cleansing breaths. I know its frustrating. I know it pisses you off. You have every right to be upset. What Candy is posting is incorrect & misleading. Candy is not very good at researching. :( :(

Candy loves stirring up trouble with her anti-Catholic propaganda!! Her readership is really low lately, she thrives on the Catholic bashing chaos, & makes up or takes out of context what she reads or says she has read. To top it all off she is just a very negative person. Her readers AKA TCOC (The Cult Of Candy)are further fueling her bashing by egging her on. I have a couple words for her & her kind but it would not be very nice of me to say it here. I could but I won't. I'll leave it up to your imagination.

I have been going back to my RCC roots the past few months. Remember that I was raised RCC. I admire & respect YOU & your readers who are Catholic. YOU are devoted to your faith. I think you are a good Catholic/Christian. You are trying to do the right things & lead a good life. I thank YOU for being my friend.

I find that most Catholics are MORE tolerant & open minded to other Spiritual beliefs than holy high roller Christians who force their opinions on anyone who they deem needs saving! Not all Christians are close minded like Candy & her cult. I have met some nice open minded Christians. Take for instance my Mother in law. She is a Christian raised RC but is OPEN & doesn't bash my beliefs. We go to a Christian church with her on Sundays. We like it. MY father in law who is Ukrainian was raised Catholic Orthodox but isn't a church goer. I think he is more Spiritual than anything & he is very open minded as well. :D

It does piss me off when I hear this crap from Candy & her cult following. The stuff they spew is horrendous & disrespectful I AGREE!

I am reposting something that I wrote on Elenas blogs: My Domestic Church & Visits To Candyland. It is regarding the "bible study" that she is "discussing" rather preaching on her blog. It may sound catty but I only wrote what I felt. I can't worry about it.

***If it's one thing I can't stand is close mindedness & high holy roller Christians who look down on their high horses at the masses who don't believe as they do. They stick up their noses acting all self righteous. Not all of Candys Christian readers are like her. To lump them all in the same category would be unfair & wrong. But there are many on her blog who are just like her. :(
Oh, I noticed that too Elena. She speaks of submission but tells a "reader" to defy her hubby. Does she ever read what she posts? Doesn't she see how she says one thing & does another? How dumb is that?!

Also this "Emily" is most likely Candy who is trying to force feed her own propaganda down the throats of anyone who will listen. Notice how when she is ranting about RCs she usually follows up with a response from a Christian woman who is married to a Catholic man? Or how about that "A Former Nun Tells The Truth" link that's on the top of her blog? Please! Who's truth? Candys?

You're right about her book discussions that she is doing. She posts untruths & lies & then says "read chapter __ & on __ we will discuss what we read" but she NEVER discusses it. I've yet to see her discuss any of her book readings with her readers. She allows for no one to discuss what they have been spoon feed. Her readers blindly "agree" with Candys untruths & lies without researching the info themselves. It's almost like if Candy were to post on her blog that the sky is not blue anymore it's now purple they will say ~YES CANDY. You're so right Candy. Anything & everything you say is right Candy.~

She will find anything to support her twisted views on Christianity & the RCC. She is NO authority! She frequently takes things & twists them to fit what she wants her readers to believe. Spoon feeding at it's finest folks. She has a cult following. It's so hilarious to read the comments & see all the good "Christian ladies" who are married to "unsaved RC" men. What a crock. All those "Christian ladies" who are married to "unsaved RC" men sure come out of the woodwork at about the same times! LOL!!!

Just a side note & I may be incorrect here but aren't Candy & her "hubby" living in sin? I thought I read somewhere on her blog a few months back that they performed their own marriage rites & are recognized as "husband & wife" under the authority of God or the Christian church? Hmmm.....

It's like the burning times all over again on her blog. Persecute as many RCs & anyone else who doesn't believe the way Candy does.

I feel so bad for her children. They are going to grow up so prejudiced against their fellow human beings that don't think the same as their mother taught them... They are going to be so brainwashed by the time they reach adulthood. She is a bully. There is no Christian love towards her brothers & sisters. She preaches that she isn't a RC hater OR a hate monger but she is fact very close minded & hipocritical.

She is most likely very lonely with no friends to speak of. She keeps to herself day after day surrounded by her 4 small children & her hubby. There is no outlet there. She feels no need for any female friends. And pretty much preaches that a good Christian mother doesn't make any friends because that would be wrong. She pretty much has told her readers that you shouldn't need anyone but your family. Friends are not good for you because they will easily influence you & your children. Heaven forbid if you did have a friend or 2! How dare you! You may start to have a mind & think for yourself instead of going to Candys blog & having her do your thinking for you.

There is also MUCH more to her oldest sons running away a couple months ago. She still hasn't posted anything on her blog about it. It's like it didn't happen. Denial. Ah, to be a fly on the wall in that home! LOL! One can only wonder. ..***

Anonymous said...

Jack Chick! What a load of b.s. I just have to laugh at this stuff...or throw up.

kitkat said...

I saw her reply, and I really don't plan on answering her. She missed my point, and I am positive that nothing that I say will change anything.

Thank you, Ellen, for taking the time to disagree without resorting to distortion. I hope that folks follow your link so they can read what you had to say. :)

Thanks for correcting her statements, Kelly. I wish that she would have let it through, but we know what will really happen.

kitkat said...

Thank you, RFH! I am really trying to breath deeply! :) That's why I am REALLY trying not to engage her further.

JME said...

A few months ago I ws reading the Keepers home Blog, after a bit I had my husband read it. I left mainly at my husbands asking but also because we felt as many of you do that her comments are very one sided, not researched and very ego seeking. But this is just our opinion. I am not a RC, but I have many friends that are, and in fact my daughters God Mother is Catholic. I am a new Christian and I must admit my walk has been a very shaky one mainly due to people like this. Thank you for your posts and being brave enough to speak up.

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to mention in my previous long post that we (the 3 maidens & I) attend Catholic Mass each Saturday evening as well. a:)

Anonymous said...

Kitkat, I have a question or 2 about the RCC that I would like to email to you possibly today. Is that alright?

I feel as though the past few months have been a refresher course for me. All the stuff I learned in 10 years of CDD classes are coming back to me but still I have questions.

kitkat said...

Aww, RFH, you know that you can always email me! :) This time, I promise that I will check my email.

kitkat said...

Thanks for commenting, JME. Please don't let your walk with the Lord be affected by things like this! I, too, don't understand why we who say that we love Christ have to bicker. I just wasn't raised that way. (I was raised Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. I haven't yet officially concerted ro RC, but my DH and his entire family is RC so I have a great deal of experience with RCs.) I was taught during my years in a Lutheran grade school that Christians fall into two main categories: Catholics and Protestants. Maybe some folks will think that I this teaching was incorrect, but it has helped me to remeber that all of those who believe in Christ are my brothers and sister united by faith. Call me crazy!

kitkat said...

Wow!! Please forgive the typos in my last comment!

JME said...

Thank you for your response. For having Catholic friends I really do not know much about the church.
I will be doing some questioning and serious research so that if this comes up again I'll be better able to comment.
When I was younger the church I was going to switched youth pastors and we started a series about the various religions, Jehova Witness, Mormon and Catholic. Since I had friends and some relatives from most of these other religions I didn't like most of what was said and mainly felt it was all in a very hostile light. I left without ssaying anything and didn't go back to church for over 20 years. My family has been attending verious churches and denominations for about the last 3 years. Again it has pretty much been the same experience all over again.
I definitely need to be doing some very serious research.
Thank you again,

kitkat said...

I also just wanted to add to my previous statement about Christians being either Catholic or Protestant. I am very aware that there are many branches in the Protestant tree. I know that some folks don't consider some of those branches to be Christian. I really don't want to get into the technicalities (mainly because there are so very very many of them), but I do know that they exist. For the sake of simplicity, I consider all of those who believe in the divine nature of Christ to fall under the very incredibly broad category of "Christian". I honestly do not expect everyone to feel this way, nor do I want to attempt to convince anyone otherwise. :) Does that make sense?

kitkat said...

Jana, I am so happy to hear that you want to do your own research. Keep an open heart and you will find the peace that you are looking for. :) I'll keep you in my prayers.

Chrissy said...

Ah, Kitkat...I walked this very same path with Candy last summer. She does not have ears to hear. I don't understand any better now than I did then. She obviously has some bone to pick with the Catholic church.

I've been so surprised that there is such a strong anti-Catholic sentiment out there. I really never saw it until I started blogging. I led a sheltered life, I guess. I actually reconnected with someone from highschool days a few months ago, a fellow blogger, but she found out I was Catholic and severed the relationship. Ouch. But, I'll live. I told her that she was out of line for causing strife within the Body of Christ.

Sadly, some of my readers followed the link (now removed) over to her blog and I know they still read there...

I don't know what Catholic churches Candy has attended, but they don't sound like any one I've ever been to, and I've been to mass in lots of different places.

I can't speak for every Catholic in the world, only myself. And I can truthfully say that I have a real, honest to goodness, personal relationship with Jesus. Maybe my protestant upbringing comes into play. But it's wrong for one imperfect human to try to judge another person's salvation.

kitkat said...

Hi Chrissy! :) That was so beautifully said! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

From Candys blog:
In fact, Satanists are told in their higher levels to become pre vatican 2 priests, and that if they get into a situation where they need reprieve, to join the Mormon church. (I've researched this, and used to be a witch in my pre-saved life.)

WOW! All I can say is...O.K. :(

Anonymous said...

**Why am I doing this? Because I love Roman Catholics dearly.**

Love? I LOL when I read that.

First she comes off-all in your face-with the holier than thou attitude & attacks on Catholics. Second she turns around & claims she "loves" RCs dearly" just who is she trying to convince? Herself perhaps? Methinks so.

Now on her comments she is trying to pretend she is so concerned for the Spiritual well being of every Catholic. {me throwing up now} Please shut this anti-Catholic propaganda machine down.

I've said it many times & I will continue to do so. Candy talks out of her a**. She is the one has the wool over her eyes. She has so much venom in her. Ignorance breeds hate & vice versa.

a soldier's wife said...

just wanted to send you a cyber (((hug)))
I try to stay away from that blog because it always upsets me so much, but sometimes no matter what, I end up taking a look and then feeling horrible afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Kitkat, I sent you an email. :)

Anonymous said...

actually i just sent you another email. LOL!

Elena said...

I started a blogroll - The Candyland Blogroll. I started with the blogs here, but if anyone wants out, or in please let me know.

If you want the code for your own blog, let me know and I'll send it to you!

Hope you're feeling better today kitkat!

kitkat said...

Thanks Elena!! :)

Anonymous said...

ME!! I will email you Elena for the code....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding my blog Elena!