Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Quick Post

Is it just me, or is this summer just flying by?? I swear that we have been so busy every weekend. Today my kiddos went to a birthday party while I played "hostess" at church to the folks who were getting their pictures taken for our new directory. Tomorrow we go to church and then over check up on Grandma. (Who is going over to one of her friends condo tonight to play cards, by the way. Hear that sound?? Yep, it's me beating my head against the wall. But I guess that you should enjoy every moment of your life, even at age 87 when you just had a stroke a week ago.............Sigh.)

I lost some of my spring peas to powdery mildew. That is my garden scourge. So, I am just going to hurry outside rightnow, cut down all of the rest of my little peas, put down some fresh peat moss, and plant my peas for fall. In case anyone does any gardening, don't pull up peas when they are dead. Cut them down at ground level and leave the roots. Legume roots are nitrogen rich, so they add nutrients to the soil. :) That's my garden tip of the day!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kitkat, thanks for the pea tip. :)

Anonymous said...

Kitkat, Have you logged into Mayas Mom recently? You can still join my group there. Also, did you get my email that I sent to you? I think it was this week. Let me know. :)

Anonymous said...


The above is my Myspace page if you want to check it out. If you have one feel free to add me to your firends list. I have one cuz my 2 older girls have a page. :)

Unashamed said...

Good tip - thanks! Are you a good flower gardener as well? I may have to pick your brains - I have a "black thumb", lol!

kitkat said...

Hi Unashamed. Let's just put it this way ~ I can grow pretty flowers when I remember to take care of them. ;) I usually spend so much time taking care of my veggies that I don't concentrate as much on my flowers and shrubs. It's a character flaw. I have a one track mind. ;) I know what to do to make them pretty. I just don't always do it. So, I have resorted to growing mainly flowers and shrubs that can take my abuse. Like for annuals I grow mainly petunias and geraniums. (They like it dry, so they don't get offeneded when I don't water them.) I throw in some other forgiving vines and flowers, like impatiens and stevolas. I use marigolds around my garden. (Keeps bunnies away!!) For perennials I use grasses, lavendar, larkspur and delphinium, some easy to grow shrubs, and hydrangeas. I'm going to install a wildflower bed right by my veggie garden to help attracts more bees for pollenation. I'm also considering planting some sweet peas and morning glory vines.

But I just love my veggies!! Can you tell?