Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm going to let this go now

because it certainly won't get me anywhere. But I am going to put this comment up here just in case it doesn't get published. Or in case it gets twisted if it does get published.

This is my my Response to a comment left on yesterday's post on Keeping the Home web page. I sent this in today. Let's see if it makes the cut. Hmmm.... Do you smell that? It's gasoline. And I am the crazy girl who just dumped it on the open flame. Why do I do this to myself??


Patty ~ I asked Candy a question without being mean and responded on my blog because Candy has a reputation for only allowing certain comments to be published. You asked why people who disagree come back. I can't answer for others, but I come back because I think that people can say whatever they want without the use of slanderous propaganda such as Chick Publications. I was raised as a Protestant and I have NEVER encountered anything like this until I started using the Internet. The nastiness that is shown in the name of love to whole group of fellow Christians just blows me away. Of course, I know that many folks don't think that Roman Catholics are Christians so I guess that makes it OK to lie about them and what they believe. ?

Candy's bible knowledge is very strong. I disagree with her interpretation of many things, but she is free to believe what she wants and I will not argue with her. She is my sister in Christ. It is the use of inflammatory literature apart from the Bible that I question her on. Please do not misunderstand that. You can make your point without using little comic books and web sites that are viewed by many people as controversial at best.

Have a wonderful day!

I'm letting this go. Really, I am. I just had to say my peace. Can't we all just get along? Peace and love, man, peace and love. We are never going to get anywhere if we keep fighting each other. It's so sad really. Christians could make such a difference in this world, but we look so silly when we do this to each other. We look especially silly when we use such inflammatory rhetoric to blast each other. It just saddens me and sickens me all at the same time. (Sigh)

Updated to add: Oops! I didn't let it go. See above post.

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