Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Just Have to Say This

about THIS. She has in the past encouraged a reader to leave Chick Tracts around such as "Why is Mary Crying" and she is studying a book about the history of the Bible promoted by the Chick website. (I don't believe that you will be able to find the post about leaving tracts because I think that she removed links to her archives.) From the little that I have been able to read (only because I just can't stomach it) by Jack Chick and his other promoted authors on the Chick website, I got the impression that Ms. Brauer gets a great deal of her ideas from Chick publications and from other various websites and publications that are inspired by this kind of mindset. THAT is the reason why I included the link about Jack Chick in my post, not because I thought that her link led readers to the website or anywhere similar. She seems to be refuting my impression about the origin of her convictions, so I guess I will leave it at that.

I STILL don't get the Muslim Messiah thing. But a kind reader told me that Jack Chick says that the Catholic Church founded Islam to draw more people away from Christianity. Maybe that is what she means.

I rarely believe EVERYTHING that is presented to me by the media. I usually find the news to be very biased, especially against anything to do with Christianity. (And I am including the RC Church in this statement!) The Papal decree was not presented in its entirety by the conventional news media. The media only gave the public a small snippet of what the document actually says and, in my humble opinion, picked only the parts that would upset non-Roman Catholics the most. Christianity is at its weakest when it is fighting amongst itself. Please read this: What the Vatican Really Said to get the whole story. You may not agree with what the document says, but at least you will have the complete story.

At least Ms. Brauer seems to have something against all Protestant denominations, too. I guess that I can't win either way. ;)

And my comment didn't make the cut. It got twisted instead. Sigh.


Andrea said...

First, let me say that I have always liked Candy's site for the GREAT homemeaking info. and that she is a strong christian woman. I am a christian, not Catholic, not any denomination. But, here is where I have to agree a tad. I see Satan doing a hooting dance of joy when he can get christians to mud sling. Petty, stupid, belittling arguments won't win anyone's heart. Fighting amongst ourselves won't win non believers. When the Mormon young men stop by my door I always talk to them , offer them something to drink. I don't criticize their faith. I answer their questions with bible backing (and yes, I use the KJV). I show them why I don't agree with them. I don't chase them down my drive throwing my bible at them. And often I see them considering the things I have said. That makes me feel good because I have the hope that they will go home and study it more. And, I didn't have to hurt anyone or insult them to do it. They SEE my conviction, as does anyone else who knows me. You CAN NOT win souls by force. When you try that tactic the only people who will agree with you are the ones doing the same thing. Ha, I may have just got myself ousted from blogging. :)

Anonymous said...

I know - I'm following along with her book-thingie (I'm very organizationally challenged)

kitkat said...

Well said, Andrea! My main points are simply that we shouldn't use inflamatory materials to try to win souls and that we should not fight.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I really do appreciate it. :)

Ellen, can I add you to my blogroll?

kitkat said...

Andrea, I forgot to add: The homemaking tips are the real reason that I go to her site. She is quite good at those!

And I truly believe that she is strong in her faith. I have no problem with that. And I have no problems with non-denominational Christians, Protestants, etc. I only have a problem with the inflamatory tactics and literature (be it tracts, books, web pages, whatever) apart from the Bible itself that is often used to try to convince folks that one particular set of beliefs is the way to Heaven.

And you are right, Satan does dance with joy when we tear each other apart.

Thanks again for stopping by and for your gentle thoughts.

Kelly said...

Well, it's been a while since I read Candy's tribulation (end times) article, but I seem to remember that the anti-christ is supposed to rule for seven years. So maybe she thinks the Muslim messiah is the anti-christ. Although how the Muslim messiah, the Pope, and that guy at the UN can all be the anti-christ is beyond me.

But if the UN guy somehow becomes Pope, and then the Muslims start proclaiming him to be their messiah, then we will all know that the anti-christ is truly here. ;)

At any rate, I wanted to suggest that you go by Catholic Answers and check out their section on anti-catholicism and last things. Both sections really helped me to understand where Candy is coming from in some of the things that she says. I even suffered through the 5 or 6 page long primer on Jack Chick, which is where I read that he says the Catholic Church started Islam. I admit, I didn't cross-reference it on the Chick site, though.

On one of her archived articles on Catholicism, Candy says that she is often criticized for getting her information of Catholicism only from anti-Catholic sources. She said that she hasn't read any anti-catholic materials, but has gathered everything from her own research. However, she has linked to Jack Chick, a book called The Two Babylons, and another time cited Babylonian Mystery Religions (which, interestingly, was recanted by the author), all of which Catholic Answers says are the basis for most of the common anti-Catholic assertions.

Anyway, if you have the time or inclination, she will make more sense if you read the info at Catholic Answers.

Anonymous said...

She has no archives now. Suddenly people (Catholics & others) are not agreeing with her & ~POOF~ her archives disappear! She took them down because she can't handle people challenging her. Just what kind of game is she playing? LOL!

Courtney said...

Wow, I sure have missed a lot the past few days! My goodness this storm rages on. I have no idea what to say/do anymore, but I admire you for fighting the good fight, KitKat (and Elena and others). I've stayed away since I was burned last summer (along with Chrissy). I saw the media bytes about the latest from the Vatican on another site I visit. I'm going to point them to Elena's article about what was really said.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I started out a blog-reader of Candy's. At first it seemed innocuous enough. Some homemaking tips. Then the inconsistencies with disappearing posts started. But what really bothered me was the story about her son running away. Something just doesn't ring true about all of that. It made me wary of her especially since she is so dogmatic in her beliefs. Then the bru-ha-ha started with Elena and I am now an avid reader of her blog and love it! I am Southern Baptist - way far from Catholic. But I believe that the Body should not fight and further satan's goals.

Anyway, good blog & I'll be a frequent visitor here!

Mommy to One

Kelly said...

Just to clarify, when I said one of Candy's archived articles, I meant one of the ones she has on the left sidebar, grouped under Roman Catholicism or something along those lines.


Erika S. said...

Hey there! I had no ides this was going on. I am sorry that I was not here to support you. :( She no longer really bothers me as I think she might be touched in the head. After all the posts that she deleted and her auto-bio I now just go there for laughs (OK sometimes she still gets to me but not the way that she did)Hang in there! Remember that you can not debate with a crazy person!
Have a wonderful vacation.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I agree that Jack Chick is so out there that sometimes he's laughable. Check out there are a bunch of short films based on actual Jack Chick tracts, like "Angels?" and "Bewitched" and so on... You will dig it!

Chrissy said...

Erika said:

"I think she might be touched in the head."

That's putting mildly.